Disinfect using the electrostatic sprayer

Disinfect using the electrostatic sprayer

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Posted by BritLin Services on Saturday, March 14, 2020

With the 2019 novel coronavirus becoming a serious threat to the country, we need to step up the way properties are cleaned and disinfected.

While personal hygiene guidelines are extremely important, our surroundings also need to be pathogen-free.

While microfiber cloths and EPA-approved cleaning solutions often do the trick, they don’t often cover larger areas and the traditional application processes are time consuming.  

An electrostatic sprayer discharges an EPA approved disinfecting mist with a positive charge. In doing so, the disinfectant is attracted to negatively charged items such as door knobs, light switches, counter tops, etc.

In this video, Pam shows you how the electrostatic sprayer works. If you would like to learn more or schedule your own disinfecting treatment, contact us today! 512-627-7172

Disinfect using the electrostatic sprayer

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